Our Services

Executive Search
The rapidly changing nature of globalisation and the shift in the global balance of power to Asia demands a different style of leadership to sustain competitiveness and to drive growth. Helping companies find the best of the best leaders requires specialised industry knowledge, extensive global and regional networks, and the highest level of consulting expertise.

Not only do we help clients recruit executive candidates who are actively seeking new roles, but our experienced consultants also have the skills to identify and gain interest from candidates who are not active in the market. We also offer the flexibility of both retained and contingent search services depending on the needs of our clients.

ALS does not rely on a uniform approach. We evaluate our clients’ unique business requirements for each assignment and adopt an approach specifically tailored to maximise quality and efficiency. We source candidates through various channels:

  • ALS consultants’ extensive global and regional networks across industries
  • ALS comprehensive database containing profiles of senior professionals worldwide
  • Business referrals
  • Social media
  • Print and online advertising campaigns

Talent Mapping
Talent mapping is a strategic process to plan for talent acquisition, ensuring that a recruitment process does not only result in a quick hire, but rather pursues greater alignment between executive talent acquisition and long term business needs.

Talent mapping provides full competitor analysis, and lists every individual in a company according to their profiles, skills, competencies and accomplishments. It also displays where they sit in terms of their talents within the company on a ‘map’, and how they can add value now and where they could deliver value for your organisation in the future.